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52v 23ah Samsung INR30Q 150a Bms

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6kW system capable
Part Number: HIC-TA30Q52230
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Feature: Compact size perfect for a backpack

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Our signature battery pack is made specifically for the 6kW Tangent Accent middrive.  This pack is made with high drain Samsung INR18650-30Q 3000mah 15a cells. The LiNiMnCoO2 chemistry give this cell a great balance between capacity and performance.  We top it off with a massive 150a Battery Management System capable of delivering high currents with minimal internal resistance lowering heat generation.  Close to 1 lb of copper bar is used to beef up the traces of this bms.  This allows the maximum amount of electrons to reach your motor giving you incredible performance. At 13lbs you will not find a more power dense battery in the world!

Perfect for any 52v system up to 6kW

52v 8a Super Charger available  Here

Made in the USA

52v 23ah
Samsung INR18650 30Q 3000mah 15a cells
14 series 8 parallel
120a Peak Discharge
Massive 150a bms
2 x 10awg silicone discharge wire
XT90-S Antispark
XT60 Charge
10.2*6.7*3.7 inches (260*160*95mm)