Battery Rebuild Services

A rebuild starts with inspecting your original battery.  We check over everthing  and note anything that is broken like a switch or a bad charging terminal.  If the battery is operational we perform a quick 30 second discharge and note the internal resistance.  We then charge for 5 min and check each cell voltage.  This ensures that the battery management system (bms) is in good condition.  

After this we can start the rebuild process.  We remove all the old cells and recycle them.  We then weld in brand new cells of your choice.  We use high quality USA made nickel to weld the cells together.  The process can take about 5 hours depending on  the complexity of the pack and the number of cells used.

After the battery has been rebuilt it goes through a series of tests to ensure quality.  The new battery is charged fully and each cell voltage is checked for balance.  Then we use our BA1800 Battery Analyzers to perform a capacity test.  Typically a newly built pack will show 95% capacity because the cells state of charge aren't perfectly balanced.  Over time the bms will refine the balance of the cells and capacity will increase to the full 100%

After the capacity analysis the case is closed.  The final quality assurance inspection is complete and the battery is ready for many years of service.

The cells of today are a better chemistry than just 2 years ago.  We can increase the capacity and performance of your battery almost doubling your bikes range.  Our cells are fresh from the factory so you will always get the newest cells available.   Don't settle for a stock battery that has been sitting on the shelf for years, losing capacity and performance all the while.  Contact us today to discuss your battery rebuild options. [email protected]