The most important part of an EV?

The heart of any electric vehicle is the battery. It determines range/power/performance and lifespan. The motors and controller though still improving are based on very solid technology and new models make evolutionary not revolutionary changes. The batteries on the other hand have made fairly significant changes over the past few decades. Going from Lead to NiCad or NiMH and more recently to Lithium, todays batteries are smaller and lighter making long range and high performance bikes possible. Not all OEM electric bikes are created equal, the battery is typically one of the most expensive pieces of the puzzle and often the easiest way to cut cost for the manufacturer. Giving the customer just enough to make it useful but nothing more. Tesla's have become the electric car to which all others are compared both because of technology and the incredible battery that these cars come with. That massive battery translates into power and range, with excess range in normal commuting that translates into extended battery life. We aim to provide a similar principal with electric bicycle batteries.