What is the Most Important Part of an Electric Vehicle?

The battery is the soul of any EV.  A quality battery will give you better performance, range and life span. The size of the battery will also determine these 3 characteristics. It is important to select a battery that has the enough stored energy so that you are not using all of it every time you use it.  You wouldn’t buy a car that only goes 20 miles even though that is the length of your commute. The battery is the highest cost component.  This is the easiest place an eBike company and other manufacturers will cut costs. The stock battery will only store enough energy to be useful and nothing more.  The range estimates they give you are many times overstated and will require you to drain the battery 100%. Using 100% of the battery is not healthy and will prematurely reduce the energy storing capacity.  We manufacture our batteries using the best quality and highest capacity cells on earth.

Have you ever bought an off brand battery at your local market?  At first it seems to work just like a Duracell. Sooner than later your device will quit working and you will need to buy a new battery to replace the ones you just put in.  The “cheap” battery will have to be replaced 2 or 3 times compared to a name brand. During it’s short lifespan the performance will suffer and will actually cost more in the end.  This is a false economy. You absolutely get what you pay for when it comes to eBike and any other battery. Don’t be fooled by battery sellers on auction sites. Their battery packs are made with low quality Chinese cells, low quality connections and a low quality battery management system (BMS).  You have seen a hoverboard catch on fire right? We manufacture our packs using the highest quality components. We only use name brand cells from LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

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