***Shipping Information Below***

Before and after the rebuild process your battery is tested using a BA1800 Battery Analyzer.  This assures your new battery meets design specifications 

• Pack your battery and charger well so they don't get damaged.  Please don't use packing peanuts.  
• Wrap your battery in bubble wrap/foam and place in a sturdy box.  
• Pad the ends so the battery does not shift in the box.  
• Please include your key if its also the power switch.
• Include your name in the box or print out the pre-paid invoice to help us identify your battery.


Hi-C Battery LLC
1205 W Byers Place
Unit A
Denver, CO 80223

Estimate Lead time is 14 working days after receiving your battery.

We look forward to rebuilding your battery better than new and getting you back in the saddle.

The easiest way to ship your battery is to box it up yourself and print your own UPS ground label.

• Follow the boxing instructions from above info
• Go to UPS website and click on the word Ship.  This will take you to the Create a Shipment page
• Enter in your return address and our address
• Under package information enter in the weight and dimensions of your package
• Then print your labels and take it to the UPS store.