Return & warranty 

Guarantee conditions


Hi-C Battery LLC provides a 12-month warranty on rebuild and / or repair work performed.  The warranty period starts from the original invoice date and for orders placed before 12/20/2020 a warranty period of 12 months applies.  Warranty covers all parts replaced at the time of the Rebuild.  With some batteries, we replace the electronic part as well as the battery, which means that these components are also covered by the warranty.

Hi-C Battery guarantees that the nominal capacity of the placed cell insert corresponds to the ordered capacity.  No guarantee is given for a specific cycling distance that can be achieved with the reconditioned battery.  The range depends on various external factors, which makes it impossible to guarantee a specific distance.

When are you entitled to a warranty?

Warranty covers:

  • The energy cell insert (battery pack) placed by Hi-C Battery, including connections to the BMS (Battery Management System), such as welding connections and wiring.
  • Components of the BMS if these parts are also replaced during Rebuild.

When does your right to warranty expire?

Warranty expires if:

  • The customer has not made direct contact within the warranty period or is not given the opportunity to remedy the defect.
  • Third parties have opened the housing or made changes to the reconditioned battery without the permission of Hi-C Battery.
  • There is a deep discharge that has damaged the battery.
  • There is water damage that cannot be attributed to an assembly error (a reconditioned battery should be delivered to the customer splash-proof).

Liability for worn battery "no fix no pay"

Hi-C Battery usually receives worn out bicycle batteries that no longer function (optimally).  If we determine that the degradation of the battery is due to an electronic defect, our repairers are usually unable to repair the battery.  An electronic defect in the printed circuit board usually comes to light during the pre-test, before the repair starts, but sometimes also further in the rebuild process.  If we have already removed the old battery from the housing, there is a risk that the battery cannot be repaired.

In very exceptional cases, it is therefore possible that a battery no longer provides assist, despite the fact that it gave support for a few miles before the repair. In that case, the full purchase amount will be credited and Hi-C Battery will take care of the diagnostics and repair costs. Depending on the customer's wishes, the empty housing and charger will be returned or disposed of free of charge.  Hi-C Battery cannot be held liable for a defect in the electronic circuit that makes a battery unusable.

Submit warranty request

If, within this period, a defect occurs in the product that cannot be attributed to negligent or incorrect use, please contact our customer service ([email protected]).  In some cases we can solve the problem remotely with a few simple procedures. In the email, explicitly state the complaint, the product concerned and the corresponding order number of the order.

In many cases, we request that you return the battery to our repair center, where it will be examined again. If it turns out that the complaints stem from a defective part that we replaced during the rebuild, then this will be repaired free of charge by Hi-C Battery.


Canceling your request

After placing an order, you have the option to cancel the request without giving a reason.  The period for your order is 7 days and with us, you can additionally use your right of withdrawal until we have received the battery, even if the period of 7 days has expired.

Please note that by transferring your battery you give us permission to start the work.  After the rebuild or repair has started, you will lose your right to cancel, as it is a service agreement, whereby we will carry out work that cannot be undone.

You can cancel your revision request by notifying us in writing or by telephone.  You can also use the to notify us of the cancellation, but this is not mandatory.

Consequences of the cancellation

After cancellation you will receive back from us all possible payments that you have made up to that time as soon as possible, but no later than 14 days after cancellation. In that case, we will pay you back with the same payment method with which you made the original transaction.

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